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Welcome to the world of Myth ... and Reality

Myth and Reality

Some Myth on small businesses - Indonesia context - , their existence and development.
As an effort to enrich the insight of small business support.

Small Business is weak, large business is strong.

Small or large is just figuring the business scale, nothing to do with weakness and strength.

Most of Small Business in Indonesia is still in developing and surviving stage, need comprehensive support to promote them.

High interest rate is not affordable to small business.

Small businessmen are clients to informal money lender whose interest rate are very very high.

Large business is always have a good financial structure or good cashflow.

Many small business subsidized working capital to the Large, for which allowing the Large making 'pending payment' to the Small.

When the large doing business with the small, oftenly the small cannot avoid from 'pending payment' from the Large without any additional 'cost of money' compensation.

Collateral is asked -to debtor- as prerequisite to credit application in the purpose of minimizing credit risk.

Most ( ... if not all ) bad debt in Indonesia is due to the debtor with collateral.

Doing small business is simple, for what the 'experts' give them a training on simple management, simple bookkeeping, simple production technique etc.

The 'experts' getting sick in implementing the 'simple stuff' they have already trained to the small.

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